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Oracle Consultants, Johannesburg
iFACTORY Consulting If it has never been done before, if the task at hand seems too big, the product, service, market, business venture too new or the constraints like time, cost or quality too demanding, then iFACTORY is the Oracle consulting house for you.

Oracle Consultants, Johannesburg

Tanya Langbein - CEO. IFactory Oracle Consulting, Johannesburg

Interesting times lie ahead I suppose the correct statement is that interesting times continue! Some major themes that are a challenge to us in the Oracle community including Fusion Apps, Middleware, Apps Unlimited, Accelerating, Upgrading, E 2.0 and ECM. Challenges that, for Consulting houses like ourselves, are all centered around what message do we need to take to our customers and prospects, and how do we invest in our skills base to ensure delivery levels can be maintained as these new trends become a reality.

Fusion Apps, Middleware, Apps Unlimited, Accelerating, Upgrading, E 2.0 and ECM are hugely popular topics that all support a world that is moving faster and faster - a world that wants more, a world that wants it now! Both variety and specialisation are essential and Oracle have made a huge investment in acquiring the right businesses so that the partner community can take the best solutions to market, to meet the growing and diversified needs of the consumers.

I believe our efforts at iFACTORY have been successfully focused on aligning our skills development with applications, technology and skills that will add significant value to our customers in the future. Articles in this pamphlet have been specifically written speaking to each of these topics and I am hoping some, if not all of them, will resonate with you and your colleagues.

There are many aspects to business and one of the responsibilities we have as an organisation contributing to the economy is to give back. We are very active in the community taking care of and contributing to the young and the old, the fit and able, the physically and mentally challenged. We have got our hands dirty building houses and we have sponsored disadvantaged entrepreneurs who are trying to make a difference to our economy. It has been a good year and all signs are that we will be able to continue our good work in our community.

Offering the right solutions to the right type of customers so that we can add value and in return look after our people and our circle of influence has been a great recipe for business at iFACTORY and we thank you for your ongoing and future support.

To market with new ideas, modules and concepts that ensures we remain leading edge in terms of our Oracle skills, delivery methods and market penetration.

We have matured our methods of delivery over the last 10 years to ensure that client time is not squandered and that value is gained for every hour of effort expended.  Our pace is fast, our thinking is fast, our actions are fast, and our commitment to turnaround times is exceptional.

First and Fast cannot be sustainable or manageable without functionally suiting the environment.  We have spent many years understanding the various scenarios allowing us to gain the experience required to combine First and Fast without introducing unnecessary risk to our clients.

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